Foreign exchange trading dead carry is actually an art

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all say dead carry forex rebate ea a mistake, forextradingea who understands that dead carry is also a trading strategy; the premise is that you have a good idea of where the market is going, in what circumstances it is necessary to dead carry, what circumstances must leave the field; those who pursue the precise entry point, the precise stop loss point, in my opinion is bullshit by the market on both sides of the slapping is still complacent dead carry, to put it bluntly is to give yourself a certain A lot of people think that a stop-loss single is equivalent to a stop-loss, in fact, in a sense, the stop-loss single is equivalent to a new single, unless after the stop-loss you no longer operate. If your operating system can forexrebatebroker make your winnings become the norm, countless times after the stop loss, your account will still return to 0, only to lengthen the time. Therefore, the stop loss should be for the entire operating system, not for a cashback forexecific single. The operating system of the stop loss will have meaning. Specific to a single stop loss is only for their own operating system failure to find a decent stage. There is often discussion of small probability events, and in order to deal with how to avoid small probability events and rack their brains, in fact, it is not necessary, since it can become a small probability, it shows that not ordinary people can be expected. How can we not get our feet wet when we walk by the river? Do we want to avoid the once-in-a-century Tangshan earthquake, and to go camping outdoors every night? The most realistic approach is to think about how to carry out post-disaster reconstruction. As long as you have the ability, you will still build a new beautiful home. So, there are some risks that cannot be completely avoided at the operational level unless you are superhuman and can only be controlled at the capital level. This is also the reason why you need to operate lightly. I am under each single before, not only consider the possible profit, the main thing is to consider what state need to leave the field, these are not simply set a price stop loss, stop gain, but also consider the rhythm of the price run including the account in what state can be dead carry, there is an opportunity to even add positions at a loss about money management, in a word: to have the ability to be responsible for their own transactions we simply need to pursue the final profit. Neither a high win rate, nor the precise stop-loss and take-profit points market is inherently fuzzy and chaotic, we need to do is not to seek to win, but to tolerate mistakes Author: Rookie